Mr Desire Chiwandire

Phone: +27 (0) 46 603 8666



B.Soc.Sci (Honours), M.Soc.Sci (with distinction)



Desire Chiwandire recently completed his PhD in the Department of Political and International Studies, Rhodes University where he also teaches undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Political Studies and Critical Disability Studies. His PhD thesis focused on Ubuntu and the social inclusion of students with disabilities at South African universities.

Research Interests

His research interests broadly focus on Disability Politics specifically the intersectionality of race, class, gender, and disability in Africa with specific focus on South African educational and workplace environments.



  • Journal Articles
  • Consultative Reports

Chiwandire, D. (2019). Universal Design for Learning and Disability Inclusion in South African Higher Education Curriculum. Alternation, 27: 6-36.

Chiwandire, D., & Vincent, L. (2019). Funding mechanisms to foster inclusion in higher education institutions for students with disabilities. African Journal of Disability, 8(0), 1-12.

Chiwandire, D., & Vincent, L. (2017). Wheelchair users; access and exclusion in South African higher education institutions. African Journal of Disability, 6(0), 1-9.

Vincent, L., & Chiwandire, D. (2013). Rehearsing or reversing harmful masculine scripts? South African men’s romance narratives. Agenda, 27(2), 12-21.


Chiwandire, D. (2017). Disability Report on Research conducted into Experiences of Rhodes University Students and Staff with Disabilities. Research Commissioned by the Equity and Institutional Culture Office. Unpublished Consultative Report. Rhodes University, Grahamstown. South Africa.


  • Newspaper Articles

Chiwandire D. (2019). Mainstreaming Disability in the 21st century South African society: Rhodes University Disability Week Special Edition. Oppidan Press.

Chiwandire D. & Vincent L. (2016). Universities need to do more to accommodate students with disabilities. The Conversation.

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