Workshops, Seminars and Short Courses

The CPGS offers a range of short courses for postgraduates, postdoctoral fellows and supervisors. In 2020, we’re taking them all online!

CPGS short courses allow you to:

augment your studies and support your progress,

broaden your research skills,

disseminate your work more broadly,

build your CV,

 and enhance your employability

The courses all have limited spaces and participants are accepted on a first-come-first served basis.


Introduction to Critical Discourse Analysis

This unique, interdisciplinary course is designed to equip you with the theoretical and practical knowledge and skills to use Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA) effectively in your research.

10 weeks long – starts 6 August


Introduction to NVIVO

This course takes you through all the basics of this qualitative data management and analysis software.

4 weeks long – starts 6 July




Introduction to Knowledge Syntheses (Systematic Reviews)

A variety of methodologies have emerged through which existing studies are used as data for the synthesis of existing knowledge. Many scholars are drawn to these approaches because of the proliferation of studies that are not drawn together into one critical evaluation. They are also often considered practical approaches to research when it is impossible to undertake studies on the field (for example, because of Covid-19).

4 weeks long – starts 13 July


Academic Journal Article Writing course

This course has gone fully online!

We take you through the steps from a thesis or completed research

project to submitting an article.

The course combines short videos and tasks on RUConnected, zoom and live chat.




Introduction to R via online course

The Centre for Postgraduate Studies has partnered with to offer an exciting online introduction to R. have agreed to allow 150 postgraduate Rhodes University students access to the following online R courses at no cost.

  • Introduction to R
  • Data Visualization in R
  • Exploratory Data Analysis in R
  • Case Study: Exploratory Data Analysis in R
  • Cleaning Data in R
  • Importing & Cleaning Data in R: Case Studies
  • Correlation and Regression in R
  • Introduction to Regression in R
  • Inference for Linear Regression in R
  • Multiple and Logistic Regression in R

You do not need to do all the courses but they should be completed in the order as shown above.

Please note you MUST register with your Rhodes University email address, that is an email address ending with Following your registration at, the site will send you an email. This email may be filtered by gmail to your promotions or spam folder. To register for the courses above you must follow the link in that email. Those students experiencing difficulties registering on the site please email Please make use of this fabulous offer. Please follow the link to register:

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