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Admission into Honours programmes requires a minimum of 60% (and usually higher) in the major to be studied. Unfortunately, based on past experience, graduates from some other institutions are often not sufficiently prepared for the academic rigour of many of the Rhodes University Honours programmes and a grade higher than 60% is required before these graduates can be admitted. Acceptance is departmentally determined but authorized by the Dean and is also dependant on the supervisory and resource capacity in the department. The effectiveness of this admissions process and subsequent support mechanisms for Honours students can be measured by the 96-100% pass rate by these students.

A much more rigorous process of acceptance into Master's and PhD study has been introduced across all Faculties which requires both the applicant and potential supervisor to complete forms for approval by the Head of Department and Dean. Issues relating to the field and topic of research, supervisory capacity and expertise, funding and infrastructure amongst others are addressed in the applications.

Recognition of prior learning is taken into account in the ad eundem gradum admission into Honours and Master's study. Such admissions require Faculty recommendation and Senate approval.

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