Youth Day Dialogues

The Equity and Institutional Culture Office’s main objective is to drive the transformation of the institution towards being an institution whose staff and students’ practices are demonstrably informed by a deep appreciation of equality, equity and human rights. The directorate works in partnership
with the various divisions and faculties of the university. It also partners with different student organisations.

Our three broad areas of operation are:

a) Advocacy – promoting a shared appreciation of equality, equity and human rights and of the entailed institutional imperatives and priorities.

b) Facilitation – enabling various stake holders to contribute towards the realization of strategies that will transform the broad culture of the institution and foster a broad institutional culture whose teaching and learning, research, admission, employment, and other practices are informed by a shared
understanding and appreciation of equality, equity and human rights.

c) Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting – monitoring the implementation of the institutional transformation strategies and policies.

Malaika Wa Azania - student, activist and author of “Memoirs of a Born Free”

A literary activist devoted to pursuing the African Renaissance agenda and a founder of a pan African journal, African Voices of the Left. She is also a columnist for The Sunday Independent. She holds the position of secretary general of the African Youth Coalition, an umbrella organisation of all youth society organisations throughout the African continent. She is also the director of her own writing company, Pen and Azanian Revolution (Pty) Ltd. Malaika is a fierce debater. Malaika is the SADC region
Coordinator for UNESCO Pan African Youth Network.

Xolile Madinda - community leader and artist

Founder and Director of the Fingo Festival which is run in conjunction with the National
Arts Festival. This festival takes place opposite the Chan Henry store on Dr Jacob
Zuma Drive. It seeks to go beyond the staging of performances and exhibitions by also
addressing issues of concern to the local community. Hence striving to ensure that local
business and the people of Makana are the true beneficiaries of the festival.

For any further information please contact Zikhona Valela (
A youth week initiative by the Office of Equity and Institutional Culture in collaboration with Fingo Festival Dialogues.

Source:  Rhodes University

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