Proposal Preparation and Approval

Master's and PhD project proposals are initially prepared by the student in consultation with the supervisor. The proposals then go through a process of departmental approval which varies between departments and may include input from several members of the department in addition to the supervisor as well as a presentation of the proposal at a departmental seminar. This allows the student to strengthen their proposals through a thorough process before the proposals are submitted to the Faculty Higher Degrees Committees for approval. The Higher Degrees Committees have as broad a representation as possible and members are selected by the faculty for their known ability to uphold academic standards and in many cases for their research and supervisory experience. Supervisors and/or Heads of Departments are invited to attend those parts of the meeting when their student/s proposal is considered and if required the committee provides feedback for the student to further strengthen the proposal. This process works extremely well and efficiently even if some students find it a difficult hurdle to overcome. As a result of this thorough process almost all proposals submitted to higher degrees committees are accepted on the first submission with minor alterations in many cases. Those that are referred back are generally all accepted after revision.

The Science and Pharmacy Faculties currently do not have Higher Degrees Committees but consideration is being given to the introduction of a similar process in these faculties.

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