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Publication Guidelines

Annual Research Report collation and subsidisation processes

Publications are annually submitted online to:

  • Collate the submission of potentially subsidised research outputs to DHET.

All researches and academics must complete the online data capture process under their relevant department. As this is an annual once-off process of data capture, each department must submit lists of all research activities of its staff and postgraduate students. Listed below are links to the online Research Report data capture system including guidelines on how to use the system, the form to be submitted by the departmental HOD when all data has been captured online, and other relevant forms.

Included here are the lists of JOURNALS which attract subsidy, annually updated with data from the Department of Higher Education and Training. Similarly, there are links to information on what to consider when BOOKS and CONFERENCE PROCEEDINGS are to be submitted for possible subsidisation by the Department of Higher Education and Training.

The Online Data Capture for all research outputs is completed at:

Online Submissions

Subsidisation of Journals, Books and Conference Proceedings

For more comprehensive information on the Department of Higher Education and Training's policy for journal articles, books and conference proceedings, as well as the current procedure for submission for subsidy consideration, please follow the link below:


Journals Attracting Subsidisation

Please check ALL of the lists below to see whether your journal article earns subsidy from the Department of Higher Education and Training – ONLY journals listed on one of these lists will currently earn subsidy. Note: there are South African journals which are not listed on any of the ISI / IBSS lists but which do in fact earn subsidy. For this reason please do not forget to check the Approved South African Journal Lists.

Subsidy earning journals may be viewed by clicking the link below:

The following links will take you to the ISI Web of Science Indices and the Scopus IBSS indices (DHET subsidy earning journals) and the complete 2012 list released by DHET.

(a)     The ISI Web of Science database and not the Master list Arts & Humanities

          Science Citation Index Expanded

          Social Science Index

(b)     The International Bibliography of Social Sciences (IBSS)

(c)     DHET Accredited Lists for publications in 2013

We require first page of the article that reflects the journal name, publication title, year of publication, vol. and page numbers, and the institutional affiliation. If any of the above is not reflected on the first page please provide the relevant page.

Impact Factors of Journals

Finally, when deciding whether to submit a journal for inclusion in any of the above lists it may be helpful to take into consideration the Impact Factor of the journal. For more information please follow the link: Impact Factors of Journals.

H-Index for Individuals

For more information please follow the link: H-Index for Individuals.

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