Student Orientation

1. Monday 09h00-10h30: Compulsory plenary session in the Monument.

2. Monday 11h00-12h30: Talks by Faculty Deans in various venues.

3. From Monday 14h00 till Thursday 17h00: A range of introductory lectures on every subject offered at Rhodes. These are spread over a few days and arranged in such a way that students in each Faculty can attend those lectures relevant and interesting to them. We advise that students attend as many of these as possible, so that they can make an informed decision about their course of study.

4. Career talks will be offered during the week. Also, on Thursday 13 February, specialists from each Faculty will be available to provide guidance on subject choices before registration.  (Times and venues will be supplied to students in their Orientation booklet, which you will receive at Registration, along with a booklet providing details of all support services at Rhodes)

5. Every evening: Workshops on a range of important social issues, for ALL first year students, regardless of whether they plan to stay in residence or in town. These workshops have been devised to provide relevant information to help students make responsible choices about their lifestyle at University, and to build the kind of ethos upon which Rhodes prides itself: one in which the diversity and dignity of all members of our community is highly valued. These workshops, held in small groups, will explore such issues as sexuality, social diversity, substance abuse, the misuse of alcohol, and coping with stress and depression. These workshops are expressly intended for students and NOT parents, as they allow new students to explore a range of sensitive issues, and the presence of parents can hamper discussion.

6. Guided tours of the University campus, so that students can familiarize themselves with the physical surroundings.

7. Library tours and information literacy workshops, held daily, ensure that all students understand exactly how the library works and encourages them to use this vital resource and make it a part of their daily academic lives. In addition there will be special exhibitions at this time, and parents and students are most welcome to visit these.

8. Computer literacy workshops for those who know very little about computers.

9. There will also be a programme of social events organized by the Students’ Representative Council (SRC).

10. On the final day of Orientation Week (Friday 14 February), students are required to obtain curriculum approval,which means you sign up officially for the courses which you have decided upon for your chosen degree. By this time you will have had the opportunity to find out about these subjects, both by attending the introductory lectures on offer and by talking to fellow students and academic advisers.

The programme itself is very full, and it will be impossible for students to do everything. But we do advise you to make full use of what is on offer, so that you are thoroughly prepared for the first teaching week, which commences on Monday 17 February.

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