International Students

Requirements for foreign applicants

International students are required to arrive at Rhodes University with the following documentation for registration:

  • Evidence of 50% fees paid by no later than 15 January 2016.
  • Passport with a valid study visa to study at Rhodes University.
  • Medical aid cover through Absa Health Care.

The contact information for the Absa Health Care is as follows:


Telephone number: 0860 100 380

Fax: 011- 4678486

Only medical aid cover offered through ABSA Healthcare or recognised by ABSA Healthcare will be accepted for registration at Rhodes University for 2016.

If your A-level or HIGCSE results are not yet available by the time of registration, you will NOT be allowed to register until your results are available. Please submit your final results to the University before you arrive and bring a copy of your official statement of results with you to registration.

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