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Rhodes University Postgraduate Loan Programme

Closing date: 28 September 2012 

All students wishing to be considered for a Rhodes University Council Loan or a RU Study Loan, must submit a completed Financial Aid Application Form by the closing date.

The Loan shall be for one year only. Annual application for the duration of the degree will be considered, but not automatically awarded.

All postgraduate students, irrespective of citizenship, may apply. Awards to be made in the following order of preference and availability of funds:

  1. SA citizens
  2. SADAC citizens
  3. All other African citizens
  4. All other foreign citizens

Loans approved for SA citizens will require one surety who is a South African citizen, and is employed full-time within South Africa. Foreign loanees will require two sureties from full-time employed SA citizens.

A combination of academic performance and financial need will be assessed for all applicants.

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