Central Box Room

Central Box Room


1.   The box room is situated in the St Mary’s Hall complex below the St Mary’s dining hall.

2.   The box room shall be for use by residence students in post grad accommodation in South and African streets during the December/January and June/July vacations only.

i.    The cost of storage for the December/January vacation shall be R100:00
ii.   The cost of storage for the June/July vacation shall be R80:00
iii.   Any unclaimed items, after the academic term has commenced, will be kept in storage for a maximum of ONE month at no extra cost.  Thereafter, the University will auction the items and all income will be to the credit of the University.
iv.   Up to a MAXIMUM amount of R500:00 per container/box/suitcase/trunk etc will be paid out for any lost items.
v.   The storage fee must be paid to the cashier in Eden Grove into the General ledger account (Housekeeping income 70000788277) BEFORE bringing the items for storage. Please bring the receipt with you when bringing your items. ( NO ITEMS WILL BE ACCEPTED WITHOUT A VALID RECEIPT)

3.    Personal belongings for storage will only be accepted if they are securely packed in a box, suitcase, trunk or any other suitably enclosed container.  (Computers, printers, monitors will NOT be accepted unless they are packed in a secure box.  Garbage bags full of clothes will also not be accepted.) A maximum of six containers per student will be accepted for storage.

4.    All containers accepted for storage in the box room will have to be properly secured by the student with 45mm security tape. No flimsy containers will be accepted.

5.    All containers accepted for storage will also be named and numbered. The student must produce his /her Rhodes University Student Card so that the necessary details can be recorded for easy identification when the said student needs to retrieve his/her property.

6.    The items will then be sealed in the student’s presence with security tape and the serial number on the security tape recorded for easy identification when the student returns. The serial number will be captured with the relevant student’s information.

7.    The student will be required to sign for the number of items he/she has signed in.

8.    Belongings will only be returned to the person who signed them in.  Under no circumstances will the University release items to friends, sub-wardens, house committee members, wardens etc on behalf of other students.

9.    No perishables or inflammable items shall be accepted for storage.

10.    The hours of opening and closing of the centralized box room shall be displayed on all residence notice boards a week prior to each vacation. The box room shall NOT be open on week-ends and holidays.

11.    For the coming December 2013 and January 2014 vacation the opening shall be by appointment only. This will be in the mornings between 10am and 12am.

12.    For the returning students in January and February 2014 the box room will be opened by appointment between 10am and 12am from the 28th January 2014.

13.    The only contact persons who will be responsible for the box room is Mr. Craig Langson and Mr. Norman Visagie  who can be contacted by email at the address:

Mr. Langson:



Mr. Visagie:


In the event of an emergency Mr. Langson and Mr. Visagie can be contacted on the following telephone numbers.
Mr. Langson on 072 556 8312 or Mr. Visagie on 0736612592 or office no. during the day Monday to Friday at 046 6038120

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