Residence Administration

Application form to host overnight visitors

Double Rooms

Where, for University convenience, students are required or permitted to share accommodation, a 25% discount of the lodging fees may be claimed by the student for the period that the room was shared.
For the purpose of discount and adjustments, the residence year is taken as 240 days.

Early Arrivals

Normal time of opening of residences is a Sunday, if the term starts on a Monday.

Returning to write supplementary examinations: Those students who are returning early to write supplementary examinations are required to pay a daily fee, cash in advance, in order to secure a room. (A block booking is made in one Hall of Residence for all students.)
They must make their own arrangements for this with the Conference Office in the office of the Director of Residential Operations, on the 1st floor of the Bantu Stephen Biko Building.

Students who wish to return to residence earlier than 24 hours before the normal opening time of the Residence (i.e. a Saturday when the University starts on Monday) must apply, using the appropriate forms, through the office of the Director of Residential Operations. A student will not be charged extra for accommodation if prior application has been approved.

Full description of this protocol can be found here

Early arrival / Late departure application form can be found here: Early Return, Late Departure   

Grounds for returning early: valid, verifiable reasons must be provided, e.g. limitations of public or Rhodes transport, long distance flights, transport shared with siblings / fellow students, who have to return for valid academic reasons. All such students must have been properly authorised to return to residences (MIP paid, etc).

Meals: Students will not be provided with meals, until the first meal for returning students (usually Sunday dinner).

Sub-Wardens: Sub-Wardens have to return early, and must be provided withlunch and supper on the Saturday, and breakfast and lunch on the Sunday (to be eaten in the Central Dining hall at the given time) prior to the start of term. It is the Hall Warden's responsibility to advise the Office of the Director of Residential Operations with the names of those Sub-Wardens who will be requiring meals - at least three (3) days prior to their arrival.

Leadership camps:

for Sub-Wardens, Hall Senior Students, House Senior Students and SRC reps.

1. Out of town camps: Camp food packages will be supplied to all Halls who arrange a leadership camp out of town on the Sunday and Monday prior to training. In addition, an amount of R1000.00 will be made available to each Hall by the DoS to cover travel or accommodation expenses.
2. In town camps: for those who decide to run their leadership camps in residence, normal res meals will be provided, and no additional subsidy will be paid.

House Committee / SRC members returning for orientation: Seven House Committee members are required to return for training before the start of orientation week, as well as the Hall Senior Student and Hall SRC Rep. Wardens have the final discretion as to who these students will be, but the following portfolio holders are recommended: House Senior Student, secretary, treasurer, sports rep, entertainment rep, community engagement rep, ResNet rep.

Hall Wardens are requested to provide the personal details of all such students before the end of the previous academic year.

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