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Wardening Related Documentation

While the management of the Wardening Staff in the residential system falls to the Office of the Director: Student Affairs, the resource (financial, fabric of buildings, services provided etc) management of the residences is the responsibility of the Deputy Director: Residential Operations, see: http://www.ru.ac.za/residentialoperations/staff/deputydirectors/

The following documentation is a result of consultation between the two parties listed above and the Human Resources Division and pertains to the employment of Wardening Staff:

Benefits and Allowances of Wardens which applies to all Hall, House and Assistant House Wardens

Entertainment Allowances 2011 for Hall and House Wardens and related Wardens entertainment claim form

Conditions of Service of Hall & House Wardens, Conditions of Service for Assistant House Wardens, and Conditions of Service for Sub-Wardens

Task team work on the evaluation of state of Warden accommodation, http://www.ru.ac.za/residentialoperations/wardens/wardenaccommodationreports/

Protocol for inspection and maintenance of Warden Accommodation and related Checklist for inspection of Warden flat

 Wardens Manual 2015

Operational documentation that Wardening staff will need:

Early Arrival Late Departure protocol

Box room protocol

Master key form

Conference / Festival Remuneration

Conference / festival remuneration

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