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Theo Hartzenberg Legal and Risk Services Manager 2018 Legal and Risk Services Manager: Theo Hartzenberg

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To give assurance to all stakeholders that all aspects of risk, strategic operational and process (financial and non-financial), within the context of the university, are covered and managed in a substantive, controlled and methodical manner.

Rhodes University - ERM

ERM at Rhodes is available to assist, advise and help management, and all staff, to be informed and to implement good Risk Management practices, as required by the principles of good governance and best practice.

Note: Rhodes University has adopted a model and strategy whereby the senior management is individually, collectively and ultimately responsible for identifying risks and being accountable for managing the risks within their operational areas.

Benifits of Adequate Risk Assurance

  • build confidence with stakeholders
  • provide reassurance to sponsors and financiers
  • demonstrate good practice to regulators
  • prevent financial and other surprises
  • reduce the chance of damage to reputation
  • encourage the risk culture within the organisation
  • allow more secure delegation of authority.

Extract from Paul Hopkin-Fundamentals of Risk management.

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