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‌                                BACHELOR OF EDUCATION (IN-SERVICE)

The BEd (In-service) is for professionally qualified Mathematics teachers wanting to upgrade to an initial degree. Teachers must have at least a M+3 qualification.


The BEd (In-service) in Mathematics Education is conducted by the Rhodes University Mathematics Education Project (RUMEP) and is accredited through the Rhodes University Faculty of Education.


The BEd is important because:

  • It makes a vital contribution to teacher development
  • It is crucial to building capacity of scarce subjects in schools
  • It is a significant feeder course to the BEd Honours degree


There is a great need for effective and committed mathematics teachers in this country. Current global and national reforms in mathematics education reinforce the notion that mathematics is a dynamic, problem-solving activity fundamental to critical thinking, creativity and growth. Mathematical thinking skills are powerful tools which enable people to function effectively and flexibly in an increasingly technological society. In addition, the study of mathematics is a source of great beauty and fascination. The need is for teachers who are able to stimulate learners in the different facets of mathematics.


The BEd (In-service) mathematics education provides teachers with the opportunity to improve their professional practice. They are exposed to recent theoretical insights about mathematics education and are supported to apply these insights in the current South African situation.


This is a part-time course over three years (240 credits). In their third year, students are exposed to additional mathematical content and theoretical work in mathematics education, thus further developing their academic reading, analysis and writing skills. As an in-service qualification, there is also a strong focus on improving the teaching and learning in their classrooms. Teachers are expected to engage in reflective implementation and consolidation of their deepening theoretical insights into the complexities and practicalities of their own teaching approach.


Contact sessions with students are held in Grahamstown with a minimum of twenty days tuition held in the January and June vacations.


Structure of the Course

The course has the following components:

  • Curriculum Studies in Mathematics, I, II, III
  • Mathematics for Teaching, I, II, III
  • Professional Development in Mathematics, I, II, III
  • Academic Literacy, I, II, III
  • Preliminary and General Studies
  • Auxiliary Studies
  • RPL 1; 2



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