In keeping with the government’s call for technological literacy, an important aspect of the development of teachers’ professional growth is the enhancement of teachers’ computer skills. By providing computer literacy training and follow up support, teachers develop the capacity to use the computer as a powerful tool for their own teaching practice. This work has been boosted by one of RUMEP’s high-point achievements, and perhaps most noteworthy to date. This was the distinction of being selected as one of five winners of the Ericsson International Community award (ERICA) from more than 700 global entries.

The MathsNet project was made possible by this award in October 2000. The goal of the project is to provide an opportunity for mathematics teachers to use the internet to work toward their own professional development. In particular, MathsNet provides a structured resource which allows collegial clusters throughout the Eastern Cape to communicate with each other and support and encourage each other in the growth of their professional development communities.




2008 - 2009





Computer training (using laptops) in rural Eastern Cape clusters


2010 – 2011




 Sizakuma Cluster Resource centre at SDA Primary School



2012 onwards




 A Primary School Computer Lab, fully equipped with Internet 






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