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Postgraduate Students


2014: Dr JC Oosthuysen (sponsored by my NRF Chair)

2015: Dr Haroun Maalim (sponsored by my NRF Chair)


2016/2017: Dr GV Mona (sponsored by Andrew Mellon, Rhodes)

2016/2017: Dr Peter Mose (sponsored by my NRF Chair)

2017: Dr Thulani Nxasana (sponsored by the ZENEX Foundation)     

Postgraduate students 2016

  • 2016: Supervised Mavuso, S. MA thesis. “Communication in selected Eastern Cape Public Healthcare Facilities offering Termination of Pregnancy services: Inter/intracultural implications.”


2016: Supervised Nxasana, T. PhD thesis. “Nontsizi Mgqwetho’s the nation’s bounty: a prophetic voice towards an African literary theory.”


2016: Supervised Mafrika, A. PhD thesis. “The Life and Literary Works of Peter Mtuze: A Critical Analysis.”


2016: Supervised Kunju, H. PhD thesis. “IsiXhosa as a Minority Language in Zimbabwe: Survival and Maintenance.”


2016: Supervised Mazwi, N. PhD thesis. “Edition, Translation, and Critical Analysis of Biographical Poems contributed by S.E.K. Mqhayi to early isiXhosa Newspapers.”


2016: Supervised McConnachie, B. PhD thesis. “Traditional Musics in the School   Classroom: A re-evaluation of the South African Indigenous African Music (IAM)      curriculum.”


2016: Supervised Ganiso, M. PhD thesis. “Sign Language in South Africa: Pedagogic Approaches, Policy Developments and New Directions.”


2016: Supervised Maahlamela, D. PhD thesis. “Sepedi oral poetry with reference to Kiba traditional dance of South Africa.”


Postgraduate students 2015

  • 2015: Supervised Seshoka, K. PhD thesis.An overview of language policy implementation in the city of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality with a focus on translation as an activity of language policy implementation.”

2015: Supervised Mose, P. PhD thesis. “An examination of trilingual literacy development in public primary schools in Kenya.”

Postgraduate students 2014

  •  2014: Supervised Dlutu, B. MA thesis. “The Impact of Social Network Sites on isiXhosa:


A Case Study of a Rural and an Urban High School.” Rhodes University.


  • 2014: Supervised Tukwasibwe, C. PhD thesis. “The influence of indigenous languages on Ugandan English as used in the media.” Rhodes University.
  • 2014: Supervised Fobe, M. PhD thesis. “Curriculum outcomes, teaching practices and learner competencies in isiXhosa in three Grahamstown schools.” Rhodes University.
  • 2014: Supervised Zakaza, N. MA thesis. “IsiXhosa story-telling (Iinstomi) as an alternative medium for maternal health education in primary healthcare in the Eastern Cape”. Rhodes University.

2014: Supervised Mpahlwa, M. MA thesis. “Language Policy and Practice in Eastern Cape Courtrooms with reference to interpretation in selected cases”. Degree awarded WITH DISTINCTION. Rhodes University.


2014: Supervised Maqam, Z. MA thesis. “The experiences of isiMpondo speakers in learning standard isiXhosa through the formal education system: An exploratory study at a school in the Bizana district of the Eastern Cape”. Rhodes University.


2014: Supervised Maalim, H. PhD thesis. “Exploring the relationship between an ‘English-only’ language-in-education policy and bilingual practices in secondary schools in Zanzibar.”


2014: Supervised Mona, G.V. PhD thesis. “A century of isiXhosa written poetry and the ideological contest in South Africa”.


Postgraduate students 2013

  • 2013. Supervised Oosthuysen, J.C. PhD thesis. “A critical analysis of the grammar of isiXhosa as used in the revised Union version of the Bible (1942/1975).” Rhodes University.
  • 2013. Supervised Jadezweni, M. PhD thesis. “A feminist critique of isiXhosa poetry.” Rhodes University.
  • 2013: Supervised Mbude-Shale, N. MA thesis. “Exploring the Correlation between Language Medium and Academic Achievement: A Comparative Study of the Language of Learning and Teaching (LoLT) and Mathematics Results in the 2009 Grade 12 National Senior Certificate Examinations in the Eastern Cape.” Rhodes University.

  • 2013: Supervised Seshoka, K. MA thesis. “Language policy and planning in the Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality: the challenges of implementation.” Degree awarded WITH DISTINCTION. Rhodes University.
  • 2013: Supervised Nteso, T. MA thesis. “ICT Terminology development in Sesotho”. Rhodes University.
  • 2013: Supervised Kunju, H. MA thesis. “A critical and intercultural analysis of selected isiXhosa operas in the East Cape Opera Company’s repertory.” Degree awarded WITH DISTINCTION. Rhodes University.

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