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  • 2016: Kaschula, R.H. ‘Alice in Wonderland:translating to read across Africa. Journal of African Cultural Studies. London: University of London – SOAS, Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group.

  • 2016: Kaschula, R.H. & H Ekkehard Wolff (eds.). Multilingual Education in Africa. Concepts and practices. Pretoria: UNISA Press; London, New York: Routledge.

  • 2016. Kaschula, R.H. & H Ekkehard Wolff. ‘Introduction – The multilingual context of education in Africa’. In Multilingual Education in Africa. pp. 2-8.

  • 2016: Kaschula, R.H. ‘The teaching and learning of African languages at South African universities.’ In Multilingual Education in Africa. pp. 56-64.

  • 2016: Kaschula, R.H. ‘In search of the African voice in Higher Education: The Language Question’. Stellenbosch Papers in Linguistics Plus. Vol. 49.

  • 2016: Kaschula, R.H. ‘Technauriture as an educational tool in South Africa’.
    Nordic Journal of African Studies. (Forthcoming). Edited by Daniela Merolla, Leiden University.
  • 2016: Kaschula, R.H. ‘Technauriture as a platform to create an inclusive environment for sharing of research’. Open Book Publishers, Cambridge University Press. Edited by Jan Jansen, Leiden University. (Forthcoming).


  • 2015: Kaschula, R.H. & Dlutu, B. ‘Reinventing the oral word and returning it to the community via Technauriture.’ In Bidwell, N.J. & Winschiers-Theophilus, H. (eds.). At the intersection of indigenous and traditional knowledge and technology design. Santa Rose, California: Informing Science Press.

  • 2015: Docrat, Z. & Kaschula, R.H. ‘Meaningful engagement: Towards a language rights paradigm for effective language policy implementation. South African Journal of African Languages. 35(1). pp. 1-9.


  • 2015: Kaschula, R.H. Guest Editor of the Southern African Journal of Folklore Studies in which two members of the NRF SARChI African languages Chair published articles (Prof Wolff & Dr GV Mona). Details are as follows:

  • 2015: H Ekkehard Wolff (NRF Chair). ‘Losing the Flavour? From orature to literature, and on choices when compiling dictionaries for unwritten African languages’. SAFOS Journal. Volume 25.

  • 2015: Godfrey Vulindlela Mona (NRF Chair). ‘The interface between the oral and the written: an interdisciplinary analysis of selected poems by Mqhayi and Jolobe. SAFOS Journal. Volume 25.

  • 2015:  Mhlobo Jadezweni. ‘Beyond “Dudlu ntombazana!” - The Voice of S.E.K. Mqhayi’. SAFOS Journal. Volume 25.


  • Kaschula, R.H. & Mostert, A. ‘From linguistic determinism to technological determinism: Lessons from Sapir-Whorf. In Khosrow-Pour, M.(ed.). Encyclopaedia of Information Science and technology. Third edition(10 volumes). Hershey, P.A. doi:10.4018/978-1-4666-5888-2. Release date July 2014. 


  • Oral literature in Africa: Ruth Finnegan.’ Journal of African
    Cultural Studies. Vol. 25. No. 1. pp 1-4.
  • Displaced. 12 multilingual short stories. Pretoria: UNISA Press.
  • Sign Language. A South African and global
    perspective. Germany: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing. Co-authored with Mirriam Ganiso.
  • ‘Challenging the forked tongue of multilingualism: Scholarship in African languages at South African universities’. In Altmayer, Claus & Wolff, Ekkehard (eds.) Africa: Challenges of Multilingualism. Frankfurt, Germany: Peter lang. pp. 203-222.
  • ‘The amaXhosa ukuthwala marriage custom in fact and fiction: A contemporary critique. In
    South African Journal of African Languages. Vol. 33 (22). pp. 143-152. Co- authored with Tim Huisamen, Bulelwa Nosilela and Andre Mostert.

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