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Safety Health and Environmental Officer

At Rhodes University, the Safety, Health and Environmental Officer - SHE Officer - reports to the Legal and Risk Services Manager, who reports to the Registrar.

The SHE Office is located in the Registrar's Division: Room 1046, Eden Grove building, Lucas Avenue. Email: safety(at)ru.ac.za and RU extension: 7205. Simpiwe Hintsa SHE Officer 2018-12he role of the SHE Officer is to support Rhodes University Management* in its efforts to provide for the health and safety of everyone at the university, including contractors and others using plant and machinery on campus, and protecting everyone against health and safety hazards that may arise out of work, research and teaching and learning activities - in line with the OHS Act (Occupational Health and Safety Act, No. 85 of 1993).

*RU has adopted a model and strategy whereby Senior Management is individually, collectively, and ultimately responsible for identifying risks and being accountable for managing the risks within their areas of responsibility - including safety, health and environmental.

Some of the tasks performed by the SHE Officer:

  1. Facilitation of Health and Safety Training

  2. Provision of Health and Safety Information and Resources

  3. Assistance with Health and Safety Inspections and Checklists

  4. Assistance with Health and Safety Incidents and Reports

  5. Member of RU Health and Safety Committee

  6. Facilitation of RU Health and Safety Sub-Committee Meetings

  7. Coordination of RU Health and Safety Representatives

  8. Coordination of RU First Aiders

  9. Coordination of RU Fire Marshals

  10. Representing RU on the Safety Health and Environment Campus Association of South Africa  


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