Health and Safety Committee Membership

In accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act (1993), Rhodes University has formally constituted Health and Safety Committee (view membership and meeting dates). 

Six (6) sub-committees (view membership & meeting dates) report into this main committee. The sub-committees accommodate the diversity of working environments on campus. 

The purpose of health & safety committee meetings with the employer is to initiate develop, promote, maintain and review measures to ensure employees’ health and safety. View an extract from the OHS Act regarding the Committees.

Membership of Health & Safety Sub-committees:

  1. Housekeeping - Chair: Mr Anton Kivitts; Deputy: Ms Noluthando Fall; committee members: H&S reps in Housekeeping, CCS. Meeting dates.

  2. Food Services - Chair: t.b.a; Deputy: Ms Dunyiswa Matiwane; committee members: H&S reps in Food Services, kitchens. Meeting dates

  3. Maintenance - Chair: Mr Jan Nell; Deputy: Mr Barry Hartley; committee members: H&S reps in maintenance sections, grounds, workshop workplaces. Meeting dates.

  4. Office - Chair: Mr Mbuleli Mpokela; Deputy: t.b.a.; committee members: H&S reps in office workplaces. Meeting dates.

  5. Laboratory - Chair: Ms Andrea King; Deputy: Mr Siyabonga Dyaloyi; committee members: H&S reps in science /laboratory workplaces, chemical stores. Meeting dates.

  6. Wardens - Representatives Ms Zisanda Sanda (Hall Warden), Division of Student Affairs.

Membership of the main Health & Safety Committee includes:

  • Chair Vice-Chancellor Nominee - Ms Sue Smailes

  • Executive Director: Infrastructure, Finance & Operations or Nominee - Mr Dawie van Dyk

  • GMR 2 Appointee / Machinery supervisor - t.b.a.

  • Dean elected by Deans Forum or Nominee - Dr Sagaran Abboo

  • Director of Human Resources or Nominee - Mr Cecil Peters

  • Manager of Campus Protection Unit - Mr Templeton Robiyana

  • Legal and Risk Services Manager - Mr Theo Hartzenberg

  • SHE Officer - Ms Nikki Kohly

  • NEHAWU Representative or Alternate - t.b.a.

  • NTEU Representative or Alternate - Mr Siya Daloyi

  • Wardens Representative or Alternate - Ms Zisanda Sanda

  • Food Services Sub-Committee Chair or Deputy

  • Housekeeping Sub-Committee Chair or Deputy

  • Laboratory Sub-Committee Chair or Deputy

  • Maintenance Sub-Committee Chair or Deputy

  • Office Sub-Committee Chair or Deputy

  • SRC Representative - SRC Benefits Councillor

  • Co-opted: Mr Monde Mafani 

(up to 2 persons may be co-opted by the Chairperson after consultation with the Committee)

Secretariat: Committee/Administrative Office, Registrar’s Division, healthsafety-owner(at)lists.ru.ac.za, RU ext 8943

Venue for Main Health & Safety Committee Meetings: RU Council Chamber.

2018 Meeting Dates of the main Health & Safety Committee: 

(RU Diary: add this feed to your Google calendar): 

  • Thursday 22 March at 11h00

  • Thursday 03 May at 11h00

  • Thursday 02 August at 11h00

  • Wednesday 17 October at 11h00

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