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In line with the Occupational Health and Safety Act (1993) section 18(3), RU provides facilities, assistance and training for designated RU Health and Safety Reps. In-house training is provided by the Safety Health and Environmental Office for RU staff

Health & Safety Rep In-House Course Application - for RU Employees

This course is arranged by the Safety Health and Environmental Office for RU staff*, not for the general public.* To attend this course, RU staff should PLEASE:

1. FIRST discuss with your Line Manager and get approval to do the course.

2. Complete and sign BOTH forms:

(a) Application for HnS Rep Course RU Staff‌  AND

(b) Appointment Form RU HnS Rep‌ ‌(to be signed by one of the ‌16(2) appointees‌‌‌) - once everything is signed:

    • keep the original in your safety file, 
    • send a copy (scanned by email / or photocopy) to SHE Officer 
    • send a copy (scanned by email / or photocopy) to your HR generalist - for your staff file in Human Resources Divion.

3. Ensure BOTH forms reach the SHE Officer safety(at) 10 days before course begins.

4. RECEIVE confirmation from the SHE Officer that you have been accepted on the course.

*Members of the public can make contact with an accredited service provider for training, such as NOSA, Affsaff and SA Labour Guide, amongst others.

Health & Safety Rep In-House Course Info - for RU Employees

COURSE DURATION: 1 full day - Rhodes University campus.

This in-house course runs for 1 full day (08h30-17h00). The course includes a number of short assessments (verbal, written, practical). Note: a formal SETA qualification is not essential for H&S Reps. On successful completion of the course, participants are awarded a Certificate of Attendance, which is valid for the duration of the Health and Safety Rep's tenure. The following are covered:

Introduction to Health & Safety: impact of accidents, the Occupational Health and Safety Act, responsibilities of the employer and of the employee, liability.
Health and Safety Representatives: value of H&S reps, their appointment and functions.
Health and Safety Committees: duties, and purpose of meetings.
Risks and Hazards
Incidents/Accidents: what employees should do about incidents or injuries, recording, reporting & investigating, and common causes of incidents/accidents.
First Aid: kits, first aiders.
Fire Safety: chemistry of fire, fire control, emergency preparedness, procedures in a fire emergency.
Promoting Health & Safety: safety, health and environment in practice, and summary of the role of management.

COURSE DATES: click here Training Dates for RU staff.

RU Health & Safety Representative Responsibilities:

Staff who are designated health & safety representatives should attend this course and will have the following RESPONSIBILITIES:

RU staff who are designated health & safety reps will have the following responsibilities:

  1. Representing fellow employee’s interests in terms of occupational health and safety.
  2. Reporting to your supervisor any health and safety issues that come to your attention.
  3. Doing quarterly health and safety inspections and reports of your designated workplace.
  4. Serving on your health and safety sub-committee and attending meetings.
    • and may also be responsible for:
  5. Visiting incident sites and attending inspections;
  6. Attending investigations / formal inquiries
  7. Accompanying an inspector
  8. Participating in internal audits
  9. Being accompanied by a technical advisor if approved by your employer

*Any employee who receives training through his/her workplace has responsibilities relating to participation in that course.


  • RU health & safety representatives will be listed online at RU Health & Safety Reps

  • All RU staff who undertake training through the University should bear in mind that they will have certain responsibilities in participating in the course.

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