Health and Safety File

Safety File Contents

Downloadable documents for your Safety File - every department and section at RU should have one!

If you would like any other health and safety-related documents or resources, please contact the SHE Officer on safety(at) or call RU extension 7205.

Cover and Info for File

Safety File 00.1 front cover

Safety File 00.2 inside front cover

Safety File 00.3 Contents Page

1. Health & Safety Intro & OHS Act

Safety File 01 OHS Act 1993 Amended

2. Health & Safety Rep

Appointment Form RU HnS Rep [please note instructions for completion‌]

Safety File 02.2 GAR 6 Unions H&S reps

3. Health & Safety Committee & Meetings

Safety File 03.1 OHS Act 18 H&S committees

Safety File 03.2 Meeting Dates

4. Health & Safety Inspections (Risks & Hazards)

Checklist for inspection reports

Risk Assessment (more info)

5. Incidents & Accidents Reports & Records

Safety File 05.1 Incident Report Form OHS Annexure 1

Safety File 05.2 Injury On Duty Supervisor Report n Procedure

Incidents (more info)

6. First Aid 

Appointment Form RU First Aider [please note instructions for completion‌]

Safety File 06.2 First Aid Kit Contents

Safety File 06.3 First Aid Register

Safety File 06.4 GSR 3 First Aid Regulations

7. Fire Safety 

Appointment Form RU Fire Marshal [please note instructions for completion]

RU Fire Safety Notice (A3 poster for residences and other campus buildings)

Safety File 07.3 Emergency Contact Numbers RU

Safety File 07.4 Emergency Evacuation Procedures GENERIC

Safety File 07.5 Env Reg 9 Fire Precautions

8. Promoting Health & Safety 

Safety File 08.1 Universal Precautions

Safety File 08.2 GSR 2 Personal Protective Equipment 

Safety File 08.3 Env Reg 6 Housekeeping

Safety File 08.4 GSR 13 Ladders

Safety File 08.5 CR 10 Fall Protection

Safety at Events (more info)

9. Information &  Resources

Go to Safety Resources front page

If you would like any other health and safety-related documents or resources, please contact the SHE Officer on safety(at) or call 046 603 7205. 

Instructions for completing Safety Appointment Forms (Designations):

Please take the relevant Safety Appointment Form (Designation) to your 16(2) appointee to sign. This way, s/he will get to know who all the health and safety appointees are in his/her area of responsibility. Once everything is signed, please:

    1. Keep the original in your dept/div safety file; 
    2. Send a copy (scanned or photocopy) to safety(at) or SHE Officer, Alumni House; 
    3. Send a copy to your HR generalist

All Safety Appointment Forms (Designations) used at RU:

Go to the Rhodes University Safety front page. Questions/Suggestions? Contact safety(at)

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