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 Welcome to Lillian Britten House Students.

Warden’s welcoming letter


A warm welcome to all residents, new and returning to Lilian Britten House!

We hope this year will be your memorable years at Rhodes University. Our house takes after Lilian Britten (1886-1952), who was a South African botanist in the Eastern Cape. Our house signifies warmth and a flora of love, comfort, empathy, strength and courage. Lilian Britten house provides a scholarly, caring and a home away from home environment.

Lilian Britten is the smallest house within St Mary Hall. It houses 42 students. The house has two floors with each floor having its own communal kitchen. Lilian Britten’s rich history resembles the culture and architectural uniqueness of the university as a whole, with emphasis on diversity and respect for cultural differences.

As warden, together with the three sub-wardens, house head and the house committee members, we undertake to make your stay at Lilian Britten House a pleasant and memorable one. As an academic at Rhodes University, I can assure you of my commitment to serve you and to help guide you through the academic journey you are about to embark.

At Lilian Britten House, we value Ubuntu and family-hood. We believe we are each other’s keeper and that we are stronger together. Kindness is our norm and a pleasant smile is our trademark.

Welcome to the house where fun, laughter, hard work and perseverance is a hobby!


Chipo Simbi

Warden:  Lilian Britten House


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