Resources for families to use at home

If you are a parent, guardian or carer and you would like ideas for how to help your children with their maths at home, welcome.All the resources here are free. 

Family Maths Story Time

Story Books: early number fun and dialogical reading

Monkeys in the Tree (Counting and calculating in range 1 to 5)

Umbrellas and Children (Counting and calculating in range 1 to 5)

Fire and sticks (Counting and calculating in range 1 to 10)

Frogs and lily pads (Counting and calculating in twos, range 1 to 10)

Other story book resources 


Family Maths Days

Drawing on the insights from literature and hoping to draw on families ‘faith in the power of education’ we decided to introduce ‘family-focused’ events as an aspect of our SANC Project work in 2012 and 2013.

Since 2015, organisations have been running Family Maths Events outside of our project. Examples include Grahamstown based aftercare centres, schools and other NGOs around South Africa etc.

Many of the resources have been created by organisations who have run Family Maths Events and this is indicated on each download.

Fun with maths

Talk to your children about numeracy concepts in a fun way. Find ideas in the "Fun with Maths" Supplements published in the local press. 

Other Resources

Bringing maths into home routines

9 top tips for parents to bring maths in home routine

Click on the link for a booklet with ideas: Family resource - How you can help your child at home

Useful physical resources to use at home

  • Dice in varying sizes and colours (6-sided and if you can get them 12 and 20-sided to extend the number range your child can work with)
  • Packs of playing cards
  • Set of dominoes
  • If you have some of these items around the home they can provide opportunities to ‘TALK MATHS’ in a casual/spontaneous way
    • A clock
    • A traditional wall calendar
    • Measuring jugs, cups and spoons
    • A kitchen scale
    • A tape measure and a ruler
    • A family bar of chocolate
    • Pizza

Educational maths books

  • Here's a list of highly rated books on Goodreads 

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