Family Maths Events Resources

In 2015, many more organisations will be running Family Maths Events outside of our project. Examples include Grahamstown based after care centres, schools etc. On this page we share resources that are useful for people who are organising the event. Many of these resources have been created by organisations who have run Family Maths Events and this is indicated on each download. 

Overview of organising a family maths event: Family Maths Events - information booklet


Supporting Documents

Other resources you might need

  • People to 'man' stations - draw on local community resources such as high school learners, community groups, after care centres, Presidents' Award participants etc
  • Clipboards or hard cardboard with paper clip for each scorecard
  • Pencil for each team
  • Dry wipe markers / whiteboard markers for laminted activities
  • Prizes. These can be games or WIMPY/SPUR vouchers in mixed denominations
  • A photographer

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