Numeracy Products

This page is a collection of items that have been produced by the project since it's inception in 2011. The items are available on other parts of our site, but this page brings them all together.

All items are free to download and use. New items are marked with ***

Homework Resources

Mental maths image

Mental maths handout

Money - Learner homework card

1st Homework Book
Bonds to 10 and 20

1st Homework book

2nd Homework Book - English

Homework Resources continued

Multiplication and Division
(3rd Homework Book)

Foundation Phase

Intermediate Phase

Number Lines and Empty Number Lines
(4th Homework Book)


Money Homework Resource (5th Homework Book) 


Fun Activities

Dice booklet front cover 

Games with cards and dice for the home classroom and club - 2016

Holiday Fun

Holiday Fun Learner booklet

 Grocotts Series
(2012 and 2013)
Fun Activities continued

Money - Homework fun booklet

Mental games for classroom and club
MENTAL NUMERACY GAMES for the classroom-club

Masters for games
MENTAL NUMERACY GAMES MASTERS for the classroom-club

Resource Specific Booklets

Block Booklet Cover

Block Activity Ideas Booklet

"How to" booklets

How to start a club

Starting an after school maths club
(updated Feb 2015)

Family Maths Events booklet image

Family Maths Events - information booklet

Maths Club Development Programme  Teacher handbooks 1, 2 and 3    

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