Early Number Fun development programme - workshop one

Focus for the session

  • Orientation to the SANC project, the team and the programme.  
  • Resources provided to assist educators in carrying out the simple assessment. 
Teacher handbook ENF - session one teacher handbook
Session presentation ENF session one presentation
Cognitive control resources See Teacher Handbook
Growth mindset resources

"My brain grows when I think hard" posters

Download ENF GM poster one-All languages PDF to access all three posters

 ENF GM Poster One - English ENF Poster One - AfrikaansENF Poster One - isiXhosa


Activities and classroom resources

Flash cards

ENF finger flash cards with numerals 
ENF finger flash cards with numerals
ENF 5-frame flash cardsENF 5-frame flash cards


Assessment resources


ENF - assessment checklists
See Teacher Handbook for instructions


Physical resources
  • 2 large dice

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