Early Number Fun programme - workshop eleven

This was the final workshop with our Grade R teachers.

Focus for the session

  • Combining mathematical and cognitive control activities
  • End of programme questionnaire

Click on the links below to access resources

Teacher handbook

eNICLE Programme - session two handbook

Session presentation

eNICLE session 2 presentation Aug 2017

Cognitive control resources

See Teacher Handbook and Physical Resources below

  • Egg carton counting activities
  • "I Spy" activities
  • "Copy Cat" activities


Other resources

Copies of our number stories that have published in local Grocotts newspaper during June and July 2017

  • Monkeys in the Trees (Afrikaans)
  • Monkeys in the Trees (isiXhosa)
  • The Children and the Umbrella (English)
Go here for all the stories

Physical resources

  • 100 coloured lollipop sticks
  • 1 bag beans
  • 10 plastic tweezers


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