Early Number Fun development programme - workshop four

Focus for the session:

In this session we will build on various activities and resources given in the previous session. In particular, we will recap working with the umbrella story-book to emphasise learner development of:

  • numeral recognition
  • comparative language development and key word recognition (e.g. more less)
  • pattern recognition
  • bonds to five
  • one more, one less concepts

We will also work with a range of simple card games that further support these concepts but also support the development of the executive functions of working memory, inhibition (cognitive control) and flexibility

Teacher handbook ENF - session four teacher handbook
Session presentation ENF - session four presentation

ENF session 4 resources

Playing card activities
(described in the handbook)

Cognitive control

  • Sorting
  • Memory (concentration)
  • Dingaan's kraal
  • Snap!

Mathematical focus

  • Ordering
  • Make 5
  • More and less
Additional resources

Number grid 1 -31 (printed on A3, laminate)

ENF A3 Number grid 1 - 31

More and less game board and 1-10 number line (A4, laminate back-to-back)

ENF 1-10 number line


Physical resources

Pack of playing cards

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