Resources will be available after the session on 5th September 2016

Focus for the session

  • Thinking about numbers relationally, rather than operationally (Hamsa Venkat and Mike Askew, Wits)

Click on the links below to access resources

Teacher handbook ENF Session five teacher handbook
Session presentation

ENF Hamsa pres

ENF session 5-Hamsa presentation

Growth mindset resources

"I can work with numbers in different ways" posters

ENF GM poster four-Afrikaans ENF GM poster four-English ENF GM poster four-isiXhosa
ENF GM poster four-All - Download ‌ PDF to access all three posters

Seeing numbers relationally - resources

1 to 10 number track with number words

ENF 1-10 number track-Afrikaans 

ENF 1-10 number track-English

ENF 1-10 number track-isiXhosa

ENF 1 to 10 numeral tracks with number words

1 to 20 number track

ENF 1 to 20 numeral track

ENF 1 to 20 numeral track


Physical resources
  • Bead string: 20 beads, 5 white, 5 red, repeated
  • Two-sided counters (red / white)

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