Resources will be available after the session on 14th February 2017

Focus for the session

  • Subitising with dot patterns
  • Cognitive control: further finger discrimination
  • Calming and concentration: Freeze game and hopscotch

Click on the links below to access resources

Teacher Handbook  ENF - session seven teacher handbook
Session presentation  ENF Gr R session 7 prestentation Feb 2017 (NB: 9MB)
Cognitive control

Finger Mazes

ENF finger mazes 2-3

 ENF Finger mazes 1 to 3

Calming and concentration

Freeze Game cards (set of 10)

ENF Freeze game

ENF freeze game cards

Additional resources

Flash cards

ENF dot flash cards

ENF Dot pattern flash cards 

DBE workbook resources

ENF DBE dominoes

ENF - DBE Dominos

ENF DBE dot cards

ENF - DBE dot cards

Physical resources
  • Set of 6 foam domino sets
  • Large box of chalk
  • 10 large wooden tray boards and bag
  • Monkey in the Tree books for classroom library

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