Focus for the session

  • 5 and 10-frame activities
  • Cognitive control activities: Spot the Difference activities
  • Fire and sticks dialogic reading book (numbers 1 to 10)

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Teacher Handbook  ENF - session nine teacher handbook
Session presentation  ENF Gr R session 9 slideshow May 2017
Cognitive control

Spot the difference cards


ENF - Spot the difference - with pictures

Dialogic reading books

Fire and sticks story book

ENF Fire and Sticks story image 

Additional story word cards

ENF extra story words image

ENF extra story word cards-All languages

Additional resources for
Monkeys in the tree story book

Monkey in the trees

ENF monkey sequencing cards image

Monkeys in the tree story sequencing cards

M‌ini folded booklet

ENF monkey folded book image

ENF Monkeys in the tree story folded mini book


5 and 10-frame resources

Trucks and fruit

 ENF 10 frame truck image

ENF 5 & 10-frame trucks

 ENF Fruit for trucks image

ENF fruit images for 5-frame trucks

5-frame Snakes and Ladders game

ENF 5 frame snakes and ladders image 

ENF 5-frame snakes and ladders game 

Physical resources
  • Set of 10 whiteboard markers
  • 100 green lollipop sticks
  • 100 natural (brown) lollipop sticks

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