eNICLE Teacher Development Programme (2017 to 2018)


This programme was designed as a community of Grade 1 and 2 teachers from 10-14 local schools who met on a monthly basis to engage with issues around developing number sense and early arithmetic strategies in Grade 1 and 2 learners. The focus is on the development of a well functioning and supportive teacher community. This is based on the assumption that teacher learning is greatly enhanced through active participation in ‘communities of practice’ and is informed by Wenger’s sociocultural theory of learning in communities of practice (Wenger, 1998). This aligns well with current SA teacher education policy that foregrounds the importance of localised teacher communities for enabling professional development (DBE, 2015).

The programme was co-ordinated by the SANCP team and emphasised relationships with teachers as partners in the endeavour to find ways to strengthen Grade 1 and 2 learning. The SANCP team contributed research-informed resources, ideas and access to professional networks while teachers will contribute critical contextual knowledge and experience of working with learners in local and diverse school contexts. The programme also drew on expertise from a range of teachers and other experts involved with early numeracy learning with experience in teaching, lecturing and/or researching early pre-school learning to lead and participate in sessions.

Resources and navigation

The session resources can be accessed in two ways:

  1. Using the schedule below, click on the resources link to access the resources provided in that session
  2. If you want to see all the resources by type (i.e. Cognitive control, story books, growth mindset etc), click here

Session One: 13th June 2017Six Bricks activities. Click here for resources. 

Session Two: 1st August 2017Programme overview 

  • Key Ideas
  • Cognitive control activities
  • Growth mindset and ways to praise
  • Click here for resources

Session Three: 5th September 2017: Dialogic reading with Monkeys in the Tree story books and assessment Click here for resources 

Session Four: 17th October 2017Dialogic reading with Fire and Sticks stroy books and Part-Part-Whole Click here for resources 

Session Five: 13th March 2018: Subitising activities and number talks. Click here for resources 

Session Six: 24th April 2018: 5 and 10-frame activities and number talks. Click here for resources 

Session Seven: 29th May 2018: Bead string activties and number talks. Click here for resources 

Session Eight: 14th August 2018: Structured number lines and number talks. Click here for resources 

Session Nine: 18th September 2018: Semi-structured number lines and number talks. Click here for resources 

Session Ten: 23rd October 2018: Empty number lines and number talks. Click here for resources 

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