NICLE Classroom Innovation

In previous end of year NICLE teacher questionnaires, requests were made for our team to visit our schools classrooms and do demonstration lessons. 

In 2014 we are focusing on working together (SANC Project team with teachers) in the classroom to find ways of strengthening numeracy learning. Our classroom sessions will involve mini lessons conducted by a SANC project team facilitator followed by a lesson by a NICLE teachers.

Both will be guided by our 'Prompts for thinking about lesson planning' (download here: Reflection template) which foregrounds choosing examples, activities, resources and homework carefully to work together towards the central 'object of learning'.

Both lessons will be followed by reflection focused on ways to strengthen the lessons in future and on discussion of the learners progress. Thus coherence and progression are foregrounded as discussion points for our inquiry into teaching and learning.

Number Talks in the schools

In the last two weeks, Mellony and Debbie have visited a number of our NICLE schools giving a variety of different Number Talks to Grade 3 and 4 classes. So far we have visited several of our Grahamstown and Coastal schools. We have focused on using 10-frames for the younger classes and multiplication problems for the older learners. 

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