Dr. Peter N. Mose

Department:   School of Languages and Literatures-African Language Studies Section

ORCID:    0000-0003-2335-5587

Mose was born and schooled in Kenya where he also worked as a high school teacher of English and Literature and later as a lecturer of English and Linguistics at universities in Kenya before joining Rhodes University for both his PhD and Post-doctoral fellowship.

Educational background:    

Mose, after high school education in Kenya, obtained his B.Ed (English & Literature) from Maseno University and a MA (English & Linguistics) from Kenyatta University-both universities in Kenya. He later obtained his PhD in African Languages in 2016 from Rhodes University-South Africa. He is currently a post-doctoral fellow at the school of Languages and Literatures at Rhodes University.

Employment background:

Mose worked as a high school teacher of English and Literature in Kenya up to 2012 when he joined South Eastern University College-then a constituent college of University of Nairobi (the institution is now a full-fledged public university in Kenya). He left South Eastern Kenya University in 2014 to pursue his PhD at Rhodes University.


Research areas/interests: Literacies, contact linguistics/multi-bilingualism, African language sociolinguistics


Scholarships/sponsorships: Mose has been sponsored/awarded as follows;

2017:   Sponsored by Rhodes University and the SARChI Chair to attend a Kenya Studies and Scholars Association Annual Conference in Atlanta                Georgia, USA

2016:   Recipient of ALASA’s best PhD Award for 2016

2016:   Awarded a post-doctoral fellowship by the NRF

2015:   Sponsored by the World Social Science Forum to attend and           present a paper on linguistic inequalities at the 2015 Annual WSSF                    Conference in Durban, South Africa

2014:   NRF/SARChI scholarship to study for a PhD




Bilingualizing linguistically homogeneous classrooms in Kenya: Implications on policy, second language learning, and literacy. International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism.


Language-in-education policy in Kenya; Intention, interpretation, and implementation. Nordic Journal of African Studies.


Mose and Kaschula; Developing mother tongues as academic languages in primary schools in Kenya: Exploring extent, indispensability, dilemma. Journal of Language, Identity, and Education.

Libraries and user culture; Literacy and development implications. Library Management.

Kaschula, Kretzer, Mose; Mother tongue instruction in sub-Saharan Africa: Challenges and prospects: Book chapter in Oxford Guide to the Bantu Languages.

Under review:

Mose and Kaschula; Public attitudes, development discourse, indigenous language valorization and evolution in Kenyan radio media. Nordic Journal of African Studies.

Mose and Kaschula; A case for Kiswahili as a medium in a language of the catchment-based basic literacy instruction in Kenya. Language Policy.

Mose and Kaschula; Conceptualization of literacy and the language of instruction in Kenya’s new curriculum. Language and Education.

Mose and Kaschula; Mother tongue-based bilingual education at a private school in Kenya: Teacher observations and literacy outcomes. International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism.

Mose and Kaschula; Debunking the myth of lack of vocabulary for teaching content knowledge in primary schools: Exploring terminology for science in Ekegusii of Kenya. South African Journal of African Languages.

Mose and Kaschula; International book donors and public libraries as partners in primary school literacy development in Kenya: Literacy prospects and obstacles. Library Management.

Mose and Kaschula; Institutional and extra-institutional trends and their implications on Kenya’s language in education policy from 2003-2018. Current Issues in Language Planning.


Paper presentations at conferences:

Date and venue

Paper title

08.09.2017: Kenya Scholars and Studies Association 2017 Annual Conference at 265 Peachtree Center Avenue, Atlanta, Georgia, 30303, USA

Devolving the language resource in Kenya: A study of public attitudes and perceptions

20.07.2017: CHAKITA 2017 International Conference at Kibabii University-Kenya

Revisiting Kiswahili as a universal medium of mother tongue-based education in Kenya

27.06.2017: CLASA Conference 2017: Conference of the Language Association of South Africa-Rhodes University-South Africa.

Biliteracy theory in context: A look at the Linguistic Interdependence Hypothesis

14.10.2016: Rhodes University-School of Languages and Literatures Annual Post-graduate Conference-South africa.

Laying a biliterate foundation in reverse order in pre-primary institutions in Kenya.

30.06.2016: University of Namibia (Windhoek)-18th Interim International Conference of the African Language Association of Southern Africa.

Education language policies? What do stakeholders know?

31.06.2016: University of Namibia (Windhoek)-18th Interim International Conference of the African Language Association of Southern Africa.

Linguo-economics: Evidence from African language media development in Kenya.

15.09.2015: Durban International Convention Centre (Durban-South Africa)-World Social Science Forum 2015-South Africa.

Overcoming inequality in provision of universal access to basic education: The language issue.

25.06.2015: Cape Peninsula University of Technology (Cape Town-South Africa)-18th International Conference of the African Language Association of Southern Africa.


Africanising of the higher education sector from the cradle.






African Language Association of Southern Africa


Chama cha Kiswahili cha Afrika Mashariki-CHAKAMA


Kenya Studies and Scholars Association


Adventist Campus Associates-ACA


Member Ringana Community Based Organization-Nyamira County

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