Dr Volkher Heinrich Christoph von Lengeling



Department: School of Languages and Literatures - German Studies Section

I reside at Bon Tempo, a small farm in the Manley Flats area, east of the city of Makhanda in the Eastern Cape. Currently I hold a Postdoctoral Fellowship in German Studies at Rhodes University with the research theme of Widerstand (resistance) of lesser-known figures against the Nazi regime and Vergangenheitsbewältigung (coming to terms with the past). This research project straddles two broad, separate yet interlinked fields of German Cultural Studies: the first is der Deutsche Widerstand, the German resistance against the Nazi regime, and the second is Vergangenheitsbewältigung, i.e. how Germans are dealing with their Nazi heritage. More specifically, the focus or lens is on people within the Nazi system who had tried - and succeeded - in their own little way to make a difference to the injustices of the Nazi regime, and as a consequence were branded as traitors, imprisoned and in many cases lost their lives. This perspective of resistance from within is fundamental in order to understand the Vergangenheitsbewältigung of these people and their descendants.

Academic  Qualifications:


PhD in Anthropology at Rhodes University. Thesis titled: "Borderline Hospitality; Homestays as a commercial hospitality development project in Grahamstown East, Eastern Cape"


MA in Anthropology at Rhodes University. Thesis titled: "The Nexilitas Factor; Host-guest relationships in small owner managed commercial accommodation facilities in contemporary South Africa"




2019 Publications

Volkher H.C. von Lengeling 2019. “The commemoration of 20 July 1944 and the contest for dominance of post-war memory regimes in Germany.” Acta Germanica 2019 (vol. 47): in press.

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