Ms Tarryn Alexander



                                                                                                                            E-mail address:

                                                                                                                            Office number: +27 (0)46 603 8363


The undergraduate courses that I teach are Research Methodology, Political Sociology and Contemporary Social Theory. I teach an honours course in The Sociology of Race and a master’s course in Advanced Social Theory. I am also the co-ordinator for second year sociology.  

My current PhD research is on Decolonising the Sociology Curriculum and the role of academics as agents of change. I am broadly interested in issues on knowledge production, social movements, higher education, identity and inequalities.


  • Contemporary Social Theory
  • Research Methodology
  • Sociology of Race
  • Advanced Social Theory


  • Higher education and transformation
  • Constructions of race and racism in contemporary society
  • Feminist theory and epistemology
  • Social movements
  • Gender-based violence


  • The role of the university and academic in society
  • The politics of knowledge production
  • Decolonial transformations in higher education
  • The social construction of race, gender identities and inequalities


  • BComm (Economics) (Stellenbosch University)
  • Interdisciplinary Honours with distinction (Economics and Sociology (Rhodes University)
  • MA with distinction (Rhodes University)
  • PhD (Currently registered) (Rhodes).


Alexander, Tarryn and Kirk Helliker (2016), “A feminist perspective on autonomism and communing, with reference to Zimbabwe”. Journal of Contemporary African Studies. 34(3).

Alexander, Tarryn and Kirk Helliker (2016), “El feminismo autónomo, el comunizar y las ocupaciones de tierra en Zimbawe”. Bajo el Volcán. 16(24)

Alexander, T. and Helliker, K. Forthcoming 2018. A feminist perspective on autonomism and commoning, with reference to Zimbabwe. In: L. v.d Walt and K. Helliker (eds). Politics at a Distance from the State: Radical and African Perspectives. London: Routledge Press.

SUPERVISON HONOURS  STUDENTS – GRADUATED:                                                                 

 “Attitudes to Acquaintance Rape: A Qualitative Study of Rhodes University Students” by Ncebekazi Makwetu

“Between empowerment and disempowerment: Understanding the hypersexualisation of women in the media in a gender unequal society” by Belinda Matabane

“More than Apathy: A Qualitative Study of Voting Decisions at Rhodes University in Grahamstown” by Nqaba Dano

“The Right to Abortion- A Critical Inquiry” by Marc Jacobs 

“Interrogating Housework as Unpaid Labour and its Relation to Gender Inequalities in the Household” by Xolelwa Mantungo 

“The meaning(s) of housing as a social issue: A sociological exploration of Breidbach community” by Iviwe Madosi 

“Black female power as an emerging discourse within the student movements of 2015-2016” by Sasha Kabwato

 “Socio-spatial divisions in post-Apartheid South Africa: An investigation of the race relations in Wentworth, Merebank and Lamontville as communities of the South Durban Basin” by Joshua Bell 

“‘I got tired of being shot at’: A case study of the state repression observed at the 2015/16 student protests” at Rhodes University by Victor de la Rey

MASTERS (GRADUATED):                                                                                                                                                 

Jacobs Marc (2016) “Between reproductive rights and access to reproductive healthcare services: Narratives of reproductive rights activists in South Africa” by Marc Jacobs                                                                                                                                                               


“Revisiting Goldberg’s theory on ‘post-racial racism’ to analyse contemporary modalities of racism as expressed on Facebook and other social media (provisional title)” by Joshua Bell



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