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My name is Amina Deka Asma, a younger sister, aunt, and 24 year old writer. I recently completed my Bachelor of Arts degree, and is a proud member of the Postgraduate Diploma in Media Management class of 2019. Making it into this class has been a dream of mine for a long time because I know that this course will equip me to be the best for any managerial position I plan on acquiring in the near future.

Being born in Kenya, originally from Burundi, and growing up in South Africa has afforded me insight into a diverse knowledge of not only languages, but also cultures, and different ways of life. My upbringing has also added to my way of thinking and ultimate view on life. I try see the world through various lenses by reading up and updating myself on people’s lived experiences.

From a very early age, I have always loved and enjoyed helping anyone out where I can, because I know that no one is an island. As people we all need one another to function and get through the many hurdles that life continues to throw at us.

I would not box myself into the category of a feminist, but still believe that the rights of womxn and children must always come first, especially in the current state of society. I am firm believer in healing and holistic wellness, and try to not only heal myself but also those around me, through my writing and interactions.

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