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Boniswa Matiwane

My name is Boniswa Loraine Matiwane. I hail from the busy streets of Johannesburg. I am a Zulu speaking Xhosa girl. I have a BA in Law and Politics and a Postgraduate Diploma in International Studies. I am currently doing a Postgraduate Diploma in Media Management. I am a friendly and open person. I love helping people. My favourite animal is an elephant, yes that's random and that's because that's part of who I am. I enjoy dancing to the beat of my own drum and being authentically myself.

My interests lie in Media Law and ethics in the International Sphere. I am a huge theatre fan. The performing arts have a special place in my heart. I am a secret performer. One day I will be in a touring musical across the world. Poetry as being one of my favourite homes. I am a huge foodie, at any function catch me where the food is. I dislike unfair discrimination and any sort of exclusionary conductor space. The world is not for certain people, no one is entitled to anything. I love my continent and indeed, I am patient about everything in my continent, the people, the culture, the politics and the richness of its potential, Aluta Continua (the struggle continues). In my life experiences, I have learnt that you need to fight for a seat at the table and so this is my daily and the words that keep me going: Be fierce and fearless in the pursuit of your dreams, the possibilities are endless.

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