Kundai Alan Marise


Kundai Alan Marise is a student at Rhodes University. He joined the university in 2017 after taking his gap year in 2016,  in which he worked for a telecommunications company.  In the workplace, while gaining work experience, Kundai also gained skills to be able to work in an intimate, teamwork oriented environment. He also acquired an ICDL start certificate (computer training program) before joining the university.

He then completed his Bachelor of Arts degree in 2019, where he majored in Geography and Sociology. While pursuing his degree, he participated in internal soccer leagues to make his studies more enjoyable. Kundai is an outgoing individual who loves the outdoors and enjoys the company of other people. When he isn’t glued to his academics, he is socializing.

 Kundai is highly motivated and is a firm believer in a just society. He looks to one day be influential in the media so that he may be able to debunk unjust behaviors within society, as well as to provide an online platform which supports sustainable development in the African context.


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