Luvuyo Maqabangqa

I was born of unmarried parents on the 18th of August 1973, in a small town in the Eastern Cape, Grahamstown. My grandparents played a very active role in my upbringing. My mother was occasionally around but very abusive and my father got married to someone else later. They were blessed with three children whom I love dearly. I have an older and younger brother on my mother’s side. He did provide financially during the early years of my life. My grandparents were the real constant figures in my life and later when they passed on my aunts stepped in. I think it left a big dent in my life because I find it difficult to trust.

I did my primary education Samuel Ntlebi Primary School, went to Makana for my higher primary, and went to Benjamin Mahlasela for my secondary education. My classes started at midday and did not have teachers that were qualified enough to teach the subjects I really loved, Science and Maths. After finishing at Benjamin Mahlasela, I went on to improve my matric results at Gadra Matric School which is also a local school.

I messed up like any child in the township when I was growing up. I mean not listening to elders, experimenting with stuff and ended up having a child who tend 23years this year. She is a blessing because she means the world to me, even though I never thought of having a child before I got married due to my childhood experience of not having two parents under the same roof. I managed to get enrolled at Rhodes University in 1996 for a Bachelor of Social Sciences. I have been in and out of university through the years until I registered with Unisa in 2016 for short courses on Victim Empowerment and Care-Giver courses. After that I managed to get back to Rhodes University with a resolution to finish my studies this time around.


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