The Sanyahumbi All-rounder Award (circa 2002)

This award is named after the ex-warden of Stanley Kidd House, Douglas Sanyahumbi (1999 to 2001). The award is made to the resident who shows the highest level of performance in academic, sporting and cultural pursuits in the house. Traditionally this award is presented to a returning student, but is made at the discretion of the House Warden.

Previous recipients of this award:

2013 S.Spelman
2012 S.Curtis
2011 T.Traub
2010 K.Tabane
2009 J.Mardon
2008 R.Hatherley
2007 L.Sigauke
2006 H.Kavikairiua
2005 X.Dastile
2004 J.Xaba and B.Brims
2003 A.Black
2002 B.Henwood

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