Coat of Arms

The Stanley Kidd House Coat of Arms was redesigned recently as a result of Stanley Kidd House falling under the newly formed Nelson Mandela Hall. The coat of arms was designed by the gentlemen of the house during the course of 2005. A short description about the various meanings behind the coat of arms follows.

Helmet (Silver): Protector When depicted on the shield, denotes wisdom and security in defence; strength, protection, invulnerability

Mantling: Red and Black – Simple and smooth half Mantle

Shield: Classic

Red: Warrior or martyr; Military strength and magnanimity

Black: Constancy or grief

Gold: Generosity and elevation of the mind

Candle (Lamp): Light, life, and spirituality

Torch: Life; zealousness; engaging in signal service; truth and intelligence. Taken from Helen Joseph House our sister res - to show allegiance and commitment to them. Helen Joseph used to be part of Skidd.

Lion: (Passant) Dauntless courage

Rose: Hope and joy

Compass: Direction

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