Warden and Subwarden

The House Warden

The present House Warden of Stanley Kidd House is Douglas Eastment. The duty of a Warden is ensuring the smooth running of the house. This includes making sure that the rules of the house are adhered too and that every student feels comfortable and enjoys living within the res.

Douglas is a programmer within the Data Management Unit at the University. He has completed a Bachelor of Business Science at Rhodes (Information Systems). Whilst studying at Rhodes he lived within the residence system for 3 years. He enjoys being involved in house events and getting to know and interacting with every one of the guys that lives in the residence. Students are encouraged to come chat to the warden when they are in need of advice or guidance.

Contact Details:

Home Tel: 046 603 8037
Work Tel: 046 603 8311
E-mail: D.Eastment@ru.ac.za

Wardens of Stanley Kidd House:

2008-   Douglas Eastment
2005-2007 Kevin Rafferty
2002-2004 Jon James
1999-2001 Doug Sanyahumbi

Unlike the house comm, the sub-wardens are appointed by an official Rhodes committee. Sub-Wardens are reimbursed for their duties and assist the house warden in maintaining order and discipline within the residence.

They are there to assist students who have locked themselves out their rooms; to be available in cases of emergencies; have duty nights where they stay in res; and they have various other tasks. Sub-Wardens are usually selected because they have been active members of the res and have earned the respect by the other students in the residence. They are prepared to do what’s right at all times, and act as the eyes and ears of the house warden.

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