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Dear Student

Students returning in 2018 to register for an UNDERGRADUATE degree are encouraged to complete the 2018 Online Reply Form available at: https://ross.ru.ac.za.   Kindly note that the form will only be available to complete from 4 January 2018 until 29 January 2018.

Furthermore, please know that you will only be able to complete the form if:

•             You intend re-registering for an UNDERGRADUATE degree in 2018

•             You have NOT BEEN EXCLUDED from the University

•             If your record is NOT WITHHELD

It is important to know that once you have submitted the Online Reply Form, you will not be allowed to edit your subject choice via the Online Form, but will then instead need to see your Dean at Curriculum Approval. 

HONOURS students should note that if your undergraduate degree is awarded and you have accepted an offer for a place on an Honours programme, the form will automatically be completed for you and will be submitted to the Dean for approval.

COMMERCE, HUMANITIES and SCIENCE students should note that your proposed curriculum will be considered by the Dean of your Faculty and may be pre-approved, allowing you to avoid the long queues at Curriculum Approval in February 2018.  Please check the sheet given to you when you register at the Student Bureau in 2018 to see if your curriculum has been given pre-approval.  If pre-approval is NOT noted on your registration sheet, please ensure that you see your Dean for Curriculum Approval so as to ensure that your subject choice meets the Faculty regulations 

LAW students may complete the online reply form, but WILL STILL BE required to visit the Law Faculty for confirmation of their approval of the proposed curriculum.

EDUCATION and PHARMACY students are NOT permitted to complete this form and must visit their respective Deans for Curriculum Approval once they have registered at the Student Bureau in 2018.

Finally, please note that the closing date for completing the form is Monday, 29 JANUARY 2018.   However, if you miss the closing date it does NOT mean that you are not permitted to return to the University, but merely that the Online Reply Form (subject choice/curriculum approval) will not be recorded for you. 

Queries may be directed to the Academic Administration Office at AcademicAdmin@ru.ac.za


Source:  Registars Division

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