Depression Therapy Group

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The Counselling Centre is running a long-term Depression Therapy Group starting in the Second Term and we are looking for student participants.

We are inviting interested students to book an appointment with a Psychologist at the Counselling Centre who will then, if appropriate, refer you for a screening interview. Entry into the Therapy Group is not guaranteed due to quite specific selection criteria. Individual therapy sessions can run in parallel to the Group process.

All content of sessions and your attendance at the Counselling Centre or Therapy Group is entirely confidential. This is an Informed Consent process. The Group is not being run for research purposes.

To book an appointment, please contact the Counselling Centre: (046) 603 7070, or go to the Counselling Centre on the Top Floor of the Steve Biko building. For Therapy Group specific queries, please email me:

Source:  Counselling Centre

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