Tuberculosis on the rise

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The Health care centre has had a vast increase of both staff and students with Tuberculosis. It seems that nationally the problem is on the rise.

Hence many workshops surrounding TB and Infection Control are being conducted for health care professionals.

It is important to note the classical signs and symptoms for TB:

-Cough, especially hemoptysis

-chest pain

-weight loss

-lack of appetite

-night sweats

-shortness of breath.

Some clients might only have one of these symptoms, others may have a combination of symptoms. It is imperative that anyone with these symptoms come to the HCC for screening and testing purposes. We supply treatment for the duration of 6 months.

Kind Regards

Sr Heather  Ferreira

Head Nurse

Health Care Centre

Rhodes University



Tel: 046 603 8523

Fax: 046 603 8050


Source:  Health Care Centre

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