Configure your Windows machine to talk to Rhodes' Windows Software Update Service

  • Download the Software Update Settings Installer
  • Find the downloaded sus.exe file and run it
  • Click Install
  • When prompted, select Student Network as your location on the network.
  • The SUS settings will be installed on your computer
  • Click Finish to close the installer

Reverting to Microsoft's update server when you leave Rhodes

  • From the Start menu go to Settings and select Control Panel
  • Choose Add or Remove Programs
  • Find Rhodes Software Update Service in the list of Currently installed programs and click on it.
  • Click Remove
  • Click "Yes" when prompted for confirmation
  • Rhodes settings will now be removed, and Microsoft's settings will be restored
  • Click "OK" to close the uninstaller

Last Modified: Mon, 28 Oct 2013 12:47:39 SAST