Outlook 2016 RU IMAP configuration

‌Outlook 2016 IMAP Configuration

* Fill in the required fields as show in below screenshot.


* User Infromation

* Your Name: Your name and Surame 

* Email Address: Your Rhodes email address


* Server Infromation

* Account Type: Imap

* Incoming Mail Server: Imap.ru.ac.za

* Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP): Mail.ru.ac.za


* Logon Information

* User Name: Your Rhodes Staff Number 

* Password: Your Rhodes Password



* Once all fields have been filled in click on the "More Settings" box bottom right.

Next click on the Outgoing server tab and make sure "My Outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication" is selected and

that it is set to use sam settings as my incoming mail server.

See below image:



* Next Click on the "Advanced" Tab next to the Outgoing server Tab.

* Configure the Server Port Numbers and encryption to match the below image:

* Incoming Server (IMAP)

 Port Number: 143

 Encryption: TLS

* Outgoing Server (SMTP)

 Port Number: 587

 Encryption: TLS




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