Adobe Reader 8/7

Due to problems with Adobe software products attempting to access the Internet several thousand times without authenticating with the university's proxy servers, one needs to ensure that they do not attempt to update automatically. If you would like to update them, you must do it manually. This is shown later.

Adobe 8

  • Firstly, open up Adobe Reader. Then go to Help -> Check for updates
  • A box should appear looking like...
  • click cancel
  • click preferences
  • Untick the Automatically check for Adobe updates box so that the area below it looks greyed out as above.
  • From now on Adobe 8 should not give you any more hassle resulting in you being disconnected from the internet however it is still wise to update it

Manual Updating

  • Open up adobe go help->Check for Updates again
  • Type in username and password
  • Tick box saying remember password
  • Click ok
  • Do this from time to time to ensure that your adobe 8 is fully updated
  • NB: The first time you do this do it at least twice and follow the instructions.

Adobe 7 
*Open adobe reader then go to edit -> preferences

  • Which will produce a box like so...
  • From here go to updates and select "Do not automatically check for updates".
  • It should look like the above. Now click ok and you should be safe from being booted off the internet because of unauthenticated requests.

Last Modified: Tue, 29 Oct 2013 09:45:48 SAST