Google Chrome

Do not attempt to install Google Chrome from Google's web site -- see for more details

Google Chrome sensibly makes use of Windows' default proxy settings. This means that if Internet Explorer is correctly configured and works with Rhodes' proxy settings, Chrome should too.

You can check whether Chrome is correctly configured by doing the following:

  •  Go to the Control button (the wrench) and select Options from the drop down menu.
  •  On the Google Chrome Options dialog, choose the Under the Hood tab
  • Click on the Change proxy settings button in the Network section
  • This will bring up Windows' Internet Options dialog (the same one you see in Internet Explorer -- from this point on the instructions are as for Internet Explorer)
  • Click on the LAN Settings... button
  • Under the Automatic configuration section of LAN Settings do the following:
  • Tick the Automatically detect settings box
  • Tick the Use automatic configuration script box
  • Type into the Address box
  • Click on OK to close the LAN Settings dialog, and then OK again to close the Internet Options dialog
  • Click Close to close the Google Chrome Options dialog
  • OPTIONAL To add the RUDenied extension to monitor your quota, go to here.

Last Modified: Mon, 28 Oct 2013 12:12:16 SAST